With the arrival of New C3 there is a wind of change blowing through the motoring scene. The versatile little
hatchback sets a style of its own, standing out from the crowd with its perky, colourful, appealing personality.
New Citroën C3 offers a delightfully offbeat take on in-car living.

This is an affordable mid-range model addressing a broad sector of the population with the promise of a singular car that can match individual tastes and aspirations.

For the two-tone exterior, the red roof, red foglamp surround, red wing mirrors, rear C pillar graphic and Airbumps® are appeased with the red and grey ambience along the dashboard and seat stitching. As soon as you step in, the interior feels remarkably spacious, a sensation enhanced by the upholstery and uncluttered horizontal dashboard.

Advanced driver assistance systems include lane departure alert and Driver Attention Alert as well as a Coffee Break Alert. The efficiency of New C3 also extends to a full range of high-efficiency PureTech petrol engines available in the option of a 1.2 PureTech 60kW naturally aspirated engine fitted with a 5-speed MT, and 1.2 PureTech 61kW Turbo engine charged and fitted with the latest generation 6 speed EAT gearbox.

Freedom of expression, to create a car matched to the driver’s personality, starts with the two-tone vehicle a red roof and a choice of three body colours (Polar White, Sand and Platinum Grey) contributing to the fresh, modern stance taken by New C3.

Colour choice goes beyond the body alone, with various features taking on the roof colour to produce both character and good overall consistency. The red roof colour is found in the foglamp trims at the front, the Airbump® surrounds at the side, the wing mirror shells and the rear C pillar graphic.

Interior customization is expressed in upholstery material, matched to the dashboard trim, and various colour and harmony features. There’s something for everybody.

o The Urban Red mood combines dark and bright colours to produce a dynamic feel. The lined dashboard
trim features red over-stitching and has a red surround over the whole width.

For true homely comfort, the car also has to offer a hassle-free user experience, with fluid, intuitive access to vehicle functions. Under the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New Citroën C3 was designed with ergonomics uppermost in mind, as seen in the numerous ingenious stowage features, the clearly staged presentation of driver information, and a wealth of intuitive technologies for making life easier.

New C3 promises great everyday practicality. Designers paid special attention to stowage facilities, designed for optimum functionality without compromising interior harmony. There’s an ingenious central cubby, designed to keep maximum free space at the front of the vehicle.

The front doors have capacious and ingenious cubbies, in a light colour to contrast with what’s in them, making things easier to find. And the New C3 boot volume approaches 300 litres, which cuts down on the often-difficult task of deciding what to take and what not to take.

A smooth driving experience also calls for an intuitive, interactive and responsive interface, which New C3 offers through its 7” touchscreen tablet, acting as the vehicle control centre. This provides modern, intuitive access to all vehicle functions, and makes for a superbly uncluttered dashboard. The tablet uses capacitive screen technology, for optimum response. And the groove at the bottom acts as a handrest, for optimally comfortable usability.

The PSA Group A platform was optimized for this new model, bringing an excellent footprint/space ratio, an appealing morphology, and superb comfort and efficiency. For comfort, an advanced suspension system was used, based on a proven axle system architecture (pseudo Macpherson with deformable strut). This effectively filters out road surface irregularities, letting the body “breathe” through minor vertical motion, a typically Citroën suspension signature.

Soundproofing is as good as it gets, as is safety, with features such as the new “H” crossbar under the seats, for the best possible structural integrity of the seat during an impact.

New C3 comes with a choice of latest-generation highly efficient and fuel-economical PureTech petrol engine.

There’s a choice of two PureTech three-cylinder petrol engines
One with a 1.2 PureTech 60kW naturally aspirated engine with a 5 speed manual transmission
For the ultimate in driveability and comfort, New C3 offers a 1.2 PureTech Turbo Charged 81kW with a 6 speed auto transmission.

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