All-new C3 was conceived by Citroën designers and product development engineers with current customer demands firmly in mind. Citroën listened to the feedback from specific groups of potential customers to fully understand what they want in a hatchback, be it for family, young professionals, students, parents or homemakers. As a result, the new C3 combines all the attributes people expect in this segment: affordability, style, with unique features and experiences to make life on board and behind the wheel as comfortable and rewarding as possible.
The New Citroën C3 is tailored to encompass highly demanding driving conditions, meaning vehicle agility was high on the list of desired features. So, the all-new C3 has been engineered to be sure-footed and responsive and to amplify driving comfort.
For optimal control, specially tuned steering and turning circle – one of the best in the segment - are particularly useful and make the vehicle agile at low speeds and in heavy urban traffic where drivers may be required to make frequent lane changes or sudden maneuvers to anticipate local traffic flows. This also helps with safer and more responsive cornering on twisty roads.
Suspension settings are also tuned to minimise body roll for more robust road holding and to help smooth out roughness and ruts.
Moreover, would-be owners specifically asked for maximum comfort for everyone on board. As a result, C3 occupants enjoy a commanding driving and seating position, while the plunging bonnet, windscreen angle, and side windows offer outstanding visibility. The carefully considered torsional rigidity of the vehicle’s body will ensure minimal vibration through the structure and provide maximum comfort to the occupants.
he all-new C3 is unmistakably Citroën in its DNA, with a unique yet consistent design language that makes it stand apart from other offerings in the market.
Its face is instantly recognisable with its ‘Y’-form language lighting signature and traditional chevrons located at the centre of the grille. The famous Citroën logo stands proudly alone, separated from the two horizontal chrome bars extending towards the daytime running lamps on either side of the car. This is a key element of the Citroën’s evolving new brand identity.
One of Citroën’s hallmark design DNA elements - the contrast between the horizontal side windows and a strong, vertical C-pillar – is immediately noticeable. The distinctive rear taillight design is formed from three geometric forms that was first seen on the 2022 Citroën Oli concept vehicle.
Other Citroën DNA details include the generous modeling around the bodywork to ensure an assertive and robust attitude like the distinctive, sculpted strokes on the bonnet, and the front and rear flanks which emphasise the vehicle’s width and volume. The interior ambience is also typically Citroën, for example the use of two-tone seats. It certainly stands out from the crowd.
In addition to its Citroën DNA, the new C3’s strong stance is visually impactful from every angle and conveys enjoyment and adventure through tough design features that exude status, aspiration and confidence and provides high levels of on-road stability and on-board space.
The front end is particularly bold with its generous volume, ‘terraced’ vertical lamps and high, fast bonnet which flows smoothly through the windscreen, with its matte black A-pillars, and long roof panel. The vertical lower bumper features an imposing double grille supporting cooling and adding strength and presence.
While the wide C-pillar adds verticality and strength to the body, neat rear quarter windows add to the feeling of light and space for passengers inside. Seen from above, subtle roof ridges add torsional rigidity reduce NVH, while subtle aerodynamic ‘bumps’ house the tailgate hinges to maximise rear headroom. Below the tailgate glass, a distinctive horizontal recessed area with vertical sides flows down into the rear bumper.

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